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About SIT (Solar & Information Technology plc)

SIT (Solar & Information Technology plc) is a private limited company founded in March 2003 in Ethiopia (Addis Abeba, Bahr Dar) with special emphasis on solar energy systems. SIT imports, designs and installs solar energy systems for different applications.

BISIT and SIT have been co-operating since 2004.


To promote the use of Renewable Energy in general and Solar Energy in particular in a cost effective way in Ethiopia and Africa by offering innovative solutions for different applications, including Solar Home Stations (SHS) for lighting, solar water pumping, solar refrigeration, solar lighting for rural schools, etc.



SIT has the vision to spread, above all, solar energy applications to enable rural development in Ethiopia and Africa thus improving the quality of life of the rural people.


Design and installation of solar energy applications. SIT offers reliable after sale services.



You intend to donate solar energy system in rural Ethiopia SIT has all the information you need.

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